CoCoFEST! 2022 Is a Wrap!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in some way at the 30th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! We had a packed exhibit hall, full presentation schedule, lots of foot traffic, and a fun but not overly hectic “No Minimum Bid Auction”.

Show Results

I’ll update these numbers if modifications are needed, but here’s some potentially useful statistics on the 2022 show:

  • 39 Exhibitors/Vendors
  • 60 (of 62 total available) Exhibitor/Vendor tables in use
  • 112 Attendees
  • 65 Dinner reservations

With the 2022 show being free admission, we relied on table reservations, dinner reservations, and the auction proceeds to fully fund the show. Since this was the first time admission would be free and the abbreviated timeframe between the 2021 and 2022 shows (~6 months, which could affect auction donations or attendance or both), I am pleased to report the following financial statistics:

  • Dinner: $1320.00
  • Tables: $1095.00 (tables were $20 for 1st, $15 for rest)
  • Auction: $2364.00 (50 auction lots sold)
  • Dues: $420.00 (28 attendee memberships. All 1st tables also receive a bundled membership, which means 28+39 = 67 total memberships purchased at the show)

Thus, total 2022 gross proceeds totaled $5199.00!

For 2022, the venue costs went up a bit, to $3507.44 (compared to 3048.17 in November 2021), with net proceeds totaling $1691.56.


As Tony would say in his yearly CoCoFEST! address: “Will there be another ‘LAST’ CoCoFEST!? Yes, there most surely will be!”

A month or so back, Grant and I looked at the 2023 calendar for suitable dates, and I mapped out the dates that had been most often selected for previous fests. For reference, here are the insights:

(I put in the scheduled 2020 date, even though the fest was cancelled in 2020)

In general, weeks #16-20 get most of the love, which translates into 4/22/2023 to 5/21/2023. We selected the mid-May date in 2022 to try to get at least 6 months in between fests, but it seems best to move the date a bit earlier as in years past. Thus, for 2023, we’re working to secure 4/22-4/23 (week 16) as the 2023 show dates. I’ve verified Vintage Computer Festival – East does not conflict (they are scheduled the week prior), but we’re waiting on Midwest Gaming Classic dates, as we borrow some equipment used for that show, and thus preferably want to avoid conflicts. Our backup date is the following weekend. For 2024, week #18 is May 4th weekend, which I thought would be nice for a space theme if desired, but it’s too early to schedule that date.


Grant will be sending out a survey in a bit so folks can share their perspectives on the fest, but early response has been positive. Of things noted in 2021, the dessert shared with with the catered dinner was much better in 2022, we did leave more time between presentations, and kudos to those who suggested the hot cocoa station, as it was both on brand and well utilized. I know Grant’s going to push the Sunday start back, since 8:30 came a bit early for most this year (which is fine, why not enjoy Saturday night/Sunday morning!)

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen!

I curated some photos from the places I found them. If you’d prefer one not be in the gallery, let me know.


Glenside Club Meeting: Thursday April 21, 2022 @ 7:30PM Central

Note new videoconferencing links below!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank in advance all of the folks who are working diligently to prepare for our our upcoming CoCoFEST! event. As a past attendee, it can be easy to take for granted all of the hard work folks put in to ensure the fest happens and happens well.

There’s been multiple committee meetings, the most recent discussing things as varied as:

  • Door prize tickets (make sure you stop by the admission booth to get your ticket!)
  • Auction logistics (last year’s auctioneer Jason Timmons has graciously agreed to run the auction again this year)
  • Attendee badges (Salvador Garcia’s design includes space for two lines of text, a name and vendor/exhibitor/officer information)
  • Video feeds (we’ll have both an exhibit floor feed and a presentation feed, via our YouTube and Facebook pages)

Obviously, CoCoFEST! Coordinator Grant Leighty has been principal in ensuring all the tasks are identified cand completed, with assists from TandyList maintainer Randy Weaver, Treasurer Eric Canales concerning fest fees, Tony Podraza handling bookkeeping, and Rich Bair supporting admissions. Many thanks to all of them and the remainder of the coordination committee for the work they are doing.

Let’s not forget the host (7!) of speakers for this year’s event. It’s nice to have both a mix of well known and relative newcomers as well a mix of topics that should include something of interest for everyone. I appreciate D. Bruce Moore, John Linville, L. Curtis Boyle, John Strong, CoCo Crew, Paul Thayer, Ken Waters, and Kevin Phillipson taking the time to prepare and present at the show. We could put on a fest without speakers and presentations, but I don’t think it would be nearly as fun or engaging.

Whether it be pre-enjoyed or new, we also appreciate the myriad of products offered by vendors taking time from their busy schedules to man a table or 3. I hope everyone leaves with a new item for the hobby from one of our vendors.

I’ll give a shout out to Jason Timmons for conducting the No Minimum Bid Auction with humor and wit. I think the banter makes the auction even more enjoyable, even for those who successfully keep their bidding hand in their lap.

Finally, thanks to those who will be joining us in less than 4 weeks either in person in Elk Grove or virtually via the Internet. The interest and engagement you provide motivates the planning committee, the speakers, the vendors, and the club to put in the work to make the event happen. Never underestimate how much just enjoying the event means to those who sell, exhibit, speak, or otherwise handle show functions.

This month’s meeting will no doubt focus on the fest. Last minute items to discuss, questions to answer, and any financial details to share. We’d love for you to join. Given our recent registration as a non -profit, we’ve been able to secure some additional discounts on technologies we use to run the club and the fest, which means we’re switching from BlueJeans videoconferencing to Zoom. Note the new link below.

We will open the call early at 6:30PM as in previous months, for some time to catch up and say hello to new faces.

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