CoCoFEST! 2020 Speaker Announcement!

The Glenside Color Computer Club is happy to announce two of our speakers for the 29th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! taking place on April 17th-18th.

Rick Adams, author of such titles as Bomb Threat, Temple of Rom, and Shanghai will be presenting “Inside Temple of ROM II: A Guided Tour” describing the development of the original game and further development 40 years later!

Paul Fiscarelli, archivist and author of Run Dino Run, will be presenting “Archiving Floppies – In Between the Bits.”

More information on these presentations and more are coming soon.

Register to attend CoCoFEST! today at


In Search of a New Club Logo

The Glenside Color Computer Club is humbly looking for someone to make a logo for the club.

Have an idea for a logo we can use for all official Glenside business? Submit it today!

The logo should have the following characteristics:
-Able to be printed in monochrome/halftone
-No long sides
-Simple and symbolic
-Convey a brand, not necessarily a name
-Feature a CoCo theme somehow

We will need to make a decision on logos at our March meeting coming up in just a few short weeks, March 19, at 7:30pm. All in attendance will be able to vote on their favorite submission. You can make all submissions to Eric Canales.

There is (currently) no prize, but we expect this logo to be used in all our official business for years to come!