CoCoFEST! Rescheduled to next year.

Hello all,

I’m just letting you all know, the club has decided to postpone CoCoFEST! until at least April of 2021. The risks are just too high and after talking to many people, most of our regular attendees would not be able to make it. If you would like a taste of CoCoFEST! this year, we recommend checking out CoCoTALK! episode 156, in which the CoCoTALK! fellows threw a virtual CoCoFEST! with a ton of great showcases. We also have planned a virtual picnic later on in the year around September, and we hope you can all attend!

Is this a cancellation? Definitely not! One can’t simply cancel CoCoFEST! Our resilience is what keeps the CoCo alive and well today and will keep us going in the future. We will not be skipping the 29th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! We’re just pushing it to next year. 2021 will see our 29th anniversary, and 2022 will now be our 30th. See you all next year!