Live videos from CoCoFest

If you missed the live presentations at CoCoFest here are some links to them. Also take a moment to subscribe to the Glenside Color Computer Club YouTube channel. 

CoCoFEST! 2024 - Preserve your CoCo Legacy

CoCoFEST! 2024 - NitrOS9 EOU Updates

CoCoFEST! 2024 - CoCo on the Couch

CoCoFEST! 2024 - The CoCo Deluxe

Brian Wieseler

Countdown to CoCoFEST!… T-11 Months

By the time you view this, the crew will be disassembling their exhibits and packing for departure. It was a fun fest, a number of folks stopped me and commented how much they enjoyed the event.

Of course, the fest weekend would not be complete without some of the staples. Though it happened before the official start, the hotel managed to catch fire (a bit of it, anyway) and what appeared to be every fire department vehicle from the greater metropolitan Chicago area arrived. The fire fighters hacked part of the building away to stop the fire, started by some birds building a nest in a light enclosure:

And, no fest would be complete without the Saturday Jam session:

I am told the venue staff came in and “pointedly” closed the room doors when the jam got going. No one complained to me, though, so we’ll call it OK.

Numbers are still in flux, but it appears 117+ folks visited the show (that’s probably a bit conservative, as it’s based on those who filled out the door prize registration at the door), and the auction raise almost $5K. Thanks again to our generous attendees.

Yes, Virginia, there will be a 33rd Annual Chicago CoCoFEST!

Though we won’t have a full business meeting this week, feel free to join our regular business meeting Zoom call this Thursday at 7:30PM, where I’ll share more fest statistics and we can discuss items of note and improvement suggestions.

CoCoFEST! Coordinator Grant says he’s going to bed now…