Glenside Computing Challenges

Welcome to the first of a continuing series of Glenside Challenges. We challenge you to play harder, think smarter, research and learn. Expand your reach in classic 8-bit computing with the TRS-80 Color Computer!

Coming soon to a galaxy near you…

There will be loot! There will be glory!
  • Programming Challenges
  • 4k programming (keep it under 4 kilobytes)
  • Little Man Computer
    (simple assembly language challenge)
  • Create a puzzle/game
  • BASIC Madlib generator
  • Write a new song using Lyra or midi notation (link to Lyra documentation)
    Or UltiMusE III
  • ugbasic – challenge to create an app that works on multiple supported platforms Port your BASIC to another system!

    Choose one of these, do your daring best –
    & submit!
  • Live Triathalon Gaming!
  • Donkey Kong – Remix
  • Double Back
  • Defender
  • Are you ready?
  • Graphic Drawing – using a CoCo on-platform and the programs of your choice!

    CoCoMax II, CoCoMax III,
    ColorMax Deluxe,
    Colormax 3, The Rat?
  • Distinct age classes
    12 and under
    13-20 and

    We want YOU to step up to the 6809 challenges!

    If you don’t have access to a CoCo, use the online XROAR emulator when possible! Or download one to your local computer. Or use the CoCoPi on a RaspberryPi

We have some generous donations that will be used to entice your participation. If you have something you would like to donate we would happily accept. We already have some pretty cool swag!

  • CoCoSDC
  • Color Computer 2
  • CoCoIO
  • PLAYER ONE – T-Shirt
  • And maybe more!

2024 CoCoFEST!

This is regarding the TRS-80 Color Computer, Tandy Color Computer, MC-10, and clones.

The Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. is having two CoCoFEST! this year.
2024 Virtual CoCoFEST! Saturday, Feb 24th and Sunday, Feb 25th.
2024 In-Person CoCoFEST! Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th.
May 4th is Star Wars day because of the saying that goes something like this “May the 4th be with you!”
That is why we are having a Star Wars theme CoCoFEST!

Glenside is not set up to handle a Virtual CoCoFEST! so we have asked the CoCo Nation to do it for us. They moved the date on us because we did not give them enough time to pull it all together.

-John Mark Mobley (Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. Vice-President)