About Us

Glenside Public Library. Photo Courtesy of Annette Swoger.
Glenside Public Library District in in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Photo Courtesy of Annette Swoger.

Glenside Color Computer Club is dedicated to keeping CoCos and CoCo goodies out of landfills. Mark Marlette, owner of Cloud 9 and GCCC member, has often reminded us; “They don’t make this stuff any more!” Radio Shack and Motorola have given us these wonderful machines. Their collaboration made the CoCo the best on the market. What keeps the CoCo alive is the many folks that persist in keeping the CoCo updated with the latest technology for the best selling 8-bit machines of the past.

The Glenside Color Computer Club presently has more than 1,100 members of which over 140 actively provide monetary support. Please join us in our endeavor to keep these awesome machines alive.