About Us

Glenside Public Library. Photo Courtesy of Annette Swoger.
Glenside Public Library District in in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Photo Courtesy of Annette Swoger.

The Glenside Color Computer Club (GCCC) is the longest continually operating Tandy Color Computer user’s group in the world. The club supports the entire 8-bit Tandy Radio Shack Computer line while focusing on the Tandy Color Computer 1,2,3; Dragon Data Dragon 32, 64, and TANO Dragon, as well as the Tandy MC-10 and Alice computer systems. We meet monthly and have hosted the annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! since 1992.

As Glenside member and Cloud-9 owner Mark Marlette notes, “They don’t make this stuff any more!”. GCCC thus works to not only preserve the historical nature of the systems but also ensure these systems continue to be enjoyed and enhanced. Radio Shack and Motorola have given us these wonderful machines. Their collaboration made the CoCo the best on the market. GCCC encourages and recognizes the community keeping the CoCo relevant and updated with the latest technology in today’s environment.

GCCC reaches over 1,100 members of which over 100 monetarily support the club’s activities. Please join us in our endeavor to keep these awesome machines alive.