CoCoFEST! 2022 Speakers

This is a few of our speakers for this year, more information to come:

John Strong Presents…

CoCo game programming in 2022!

Kevin Phillipson Presents…


I will be presenting my masters thesis on the Turbo9, an open-source professional microprocessor IP for use in SoC sub-blocks or mixed signal ASICs. The Turbo9 is a new high performance 16-bit pipelined microarchitecture that executes the Motorola 6809 instruction set. The accumulator-based ISA of the 6809 was chosen because of its simplicity, elegance, and compatibility with C compilers. Its 16-bit support and excellent addressing modes map nicely to stack-relative addressing and pointers. Using benchmarks such as Dhrystone, we have shown the performance of the Turbo9 to be equal to or better than other modern architectures while consuming less area and power.

Paul Thayer Presents…

Developing Retro Games in the Modern Era

I’ll be taking a more in-depth look at using the tools I covered in last year’s presentation and maybe some of the programming techniques I’ve learned along the way.

Canadian Retro Things and Curtis presents…

BASIC09 and GFX2 enhancements in NitrOS-9/EOU

Ken Waters (of Canadian Retro Things) will be explaining beginner BASIC09 GFX2 commands that are new since the Tandy manual, including new graphics drawing and sound commands.

Curtis of the NitrOS-9 Ease of Use Project will be going through more advanced commands that have been added, including pulldown menus, scrollbars & mouse settings, and how to make your BASIC09 programs more multi-tasking friendly.

The last 10-20 minutes will be general Q&A.

The CoCo Crew Podcast presents…

“The CoCo Crew Podcast”, a general introduction to the eponymous audio talk show and the people involved in making it. Despite having a large listenership and being the oldest regularly scheduled show in the community, a few CoCoFEST! attendees may remain unfamiliar with The CoCo Crew. So, let’s change that!

D. Bruce Moore

While one can “Coco Alone”, it is much better to “Coco Together”. To that end, D. Bruce Moore reveals his next outside-the-box Coco game, created with contributions from numerous members of the Coco Community.

John Linville presents…

“De Re CoCo”, a somewhat high-level, but still a technical overview of the hardware for the CoCo 1 & 2 platform. Written to inform a programmer’s point of view, this presentation is intended to help with answering “what do I do now?” for someone taking the first few steps away from BASIC and into the world of 6809 assembly language or other in-depth CoCo projects.