You Can Now Buy Your Official CoCoFEST 31 T-Shirts and Other Items at the Glenside Store

CoCoFEST 31 is coming up fast and things are starting to come together for another awesome year. Over the past couple of shows, I have heard that people would like to purchase a t-shirt for CoCoFEST.  I am happy to announce that we are selling t-shirts this year. I’ve created a Spreadshirt store for Glenside where we can sell t-shirts, mugs, buttons, tote bags, and several other items. Glenside does make a little bit of money on each purchase to help pay for CoCoFEST. I would like that thank both Ron Delvaux, and Salvadore Garcia for submitting their designs this year. You can purchase your t-shirts, and other items now at the Glenside store at Please show your support for CoCoFEST and purchase your t-shirts, and other items today. Make sure to wear your t-shirts at CoCoFEST this year.  

Ron Delvaux
Salvador Garcia
Ron Delvaux

LAST Chance to vote for “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! Date

As previously noted, we’re sliding the 2021 event date further into 2021. If you have not provided your input on preferred dates, please visit and do so before 00:00 Central Monday 3/1. At present, the standings are as follows:

  1. November 6/7
  2. September 25/26
  3. June 25/26
  4. October 8/9
  5. September 10/11

For reference on date details/pros/cons, please see