Less than 60 Days Remaining!

As you can see from the countdown timer at the top of glensideccc.com, we’ve just passed below the “60 days to event” mark. With that in mind, I wanted to give folks some additional details on the upcoming show:

  • The show is still happening! I’ll admit I expected the skies to fully clear by this time such that the show dates would be a largely normal time. It doesn’t look like that’ll quite be the case, but the BOD sees no current issue with holding the event on our scheduled dates.
  • That said, there are some realities that will intrude on our normalcy. We’re obligated to comply with local statutes in our venue. Currently, the state of Illinois has instituted an indoor masking policy. We’ll let you know if the situation changes as we creep closer to our show dates, but I’d recommend ensuring a mask or 2 follow you to the show. Since there’s some time yet, I’d recommend splurging for a custom printed mask with your favorite computer adorning it. Neil Blanchard has some CoCo-themed masks for sale at (https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/332771551273852/?ref=share_attachment) and if I find others I’ll link to them. The venue confirmed they’ll have a few masks on hand for compliance, but I’d not recommend assuming they have plenty for everyone. Likewise, we will arrange for some to be available at the show as well.
  • We will also arrange to have hand sanitizer at various locations for use by our attendees.
  • To both help speed up entrance at the show and to cut down on people standing in lines, we’re encouraging attendees to pre-register. If you do so and the show cannot be held, we’ll process a refund or your ticket will continue to be valid for our next CoCoFEST! face to face event.
  • To both cut down on paper currency handling at the show and enable pre-payment options, we’re encouraging folks to use electronic and/or credit card payment options this year, even for day-of registrations
  • The Saturday evening dinner is still a GO! The venue did not feel the current compliance requirements created any concerns. I will soon post an informal poll on our buffet serving options for some feedback.
  • While we obviously want to make this a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we fully understand if you are not able to attend. We are working to provide some virtual “presence” options for those folks, and we will try to stream all of the presentations and the auction to YouTube and Facebook.

There’s still a few tables left for late exhibitors, and we can always squeeze one more presenter into the lineup. But, time is indeed growing short, so work to finish your projects and plan to join us in early November!