Glenside Color Computer Club Picnic


The Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. picnic is October 22nd, 2022. It is from 1:00 PM to late. It is at Woodfield mall in Schaumburg, IL. It will start in the food court and then move to the Enterrium. The Enterrium is a restaurant, bar, arcade, and bowling alley.

If you park in the 3 story east parking lot (next to Macy’s) then you can go in the mail entrance or you can go in the Enterrium entrance. If you go in the mall entrance then you can ride the escalator to the 2nd floor and find the food court. There is also an elevator to the 2nd floor. If you take the Enterrium entrance then you can take the stairs to the second floor or you can take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Then walk out the back door and you will be in the food court. If you plan to stay past 7:30 PM then you should use the Enterrium entrance because the mall closes at 8:00 PM. Enterium is open from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

It can be hard too at times to find a seat in the Enterrium restaurant, but if we use the food court restaurants then we should be ok. You will need to buy your own food, there are several restaurants to choose from. The Enterrium will sell you a plastic card for about $20.00. You can play video games and pinball games until the money runs out. The games cost between $1.00 and $3.00 each. Bowling:  $100/Hour per Lane with Shoe Rental Included.

The video games include games such as PAC-MAN, Qix, Dig Dug, One of the PAC-MAN games lets you start out at level 255. There is also a version of PAC-MAN this will let 4 people pay at the same time, competing against one another.

Woodfield Mall is handicap accessible. I am not sure if the video games are considered handicap accessible.

I would like for people to let me know if they are coming and how many people they are bringing with them.


Woodfield Mall Dining:

The food court is on the second floor next to the escalator and elevator above the train ride:

This is a map of the food court:

If we sit in the back of the food court, close to Enterrium then we can all sit together.


You can contact me using this link. Look for Vice-President.

We can communicate at the event using the Telegram app on our smartphones. I have started a group called “Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. CoCoFest! and picnic communications. I have set a public invite link:

-John Mark Mobley

Glenside Color Computer Club, Inc. Vice-President