59 Days till The 30th Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST!

We are now less than 60 days away from the 30th Anniversary of the “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST. I wanted to provide an update as we are still preparing for this year’s show. I will be at the Glenside meeting this Thursday, March 17th to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Tables have been in high demand this year. If you are thinking about getting a table to show off your latest project, and/or sell your items for the show, do not wait much longer. As of this post we only have 15 tables available. If you are interested in reserving a table, you can do that at TandyList.com.
  • We have also had a great turnout for presentations this year. We plan on having seven presentations on the latest projects, new hardware, and software. We will not be accepting any additional speakers for this year.
  • We will be hosting the traditional Saturday night dinner. I have requested for the latest menu from the hotel, and we will have an informal poll to provide feedback on our buffet serving options.
  • I am happy to report that things are returning to normal. As of this post there will NOT be any mask and vaccine mandates.
  • To both help speed up entrance at the show and to cut down on people standing in lines, we’re encouraging attendees to pre-register. Remember, this year’s show is free to attend.
  • To both cut down on paper currency handling at the show, we’re encouraging attendees to use electronic and/or credit card payment options. This also include the day of the show and the auction.
  • There are still hotel rooms left to reserve, but you have until April 29th to make your reservations at the discounted room rate of $99 a night. You will need to use the group code of COF.

We would love to have you attend the show this year, and remember it is FREE to attend. Please pre-register at TandyList.com for a table, the dinner, and to attend the show.  For additional information click here.