Online Emulators for TRS-80!

I’m sure you’ve come here with the knowledge of the XRoar, MAME, CoCoPi and VCC emulators for the Color Computer and its family of hardware on your desktop/laptop computer.

Did you know there are a few emulators which run right in your modern web browser?

Try your hand at Microcolor BASIC 1.0 with an online MC-10 emulator. Or play your favorite CoCo 1, 2, or 3 games in the online XRoar available from the Color Computer Archive. But have you found the TRS-80 Model III javascript emulator?

The thumbnails above are links to their respective emulators.

I did a search to see what is available and this is what I’ve found. Are there more? Do you have an idea how to get the MAME emulation of the CoCos available in a browser? Up for a challenge? I’ve seen MAME booting other systems like the NES, SNES and maybe even an Atari 800.

If you’re able to find more, or build a working example… let’s see it!