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Welcome to the Glenside Color Computer Club Inc.'s Resource Page.

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Resource Page

Welcome to the Glenside Color Computer Club Inc.'s Resource Page.


Cool Stuff for your CoCo - Mark Marlette

David Keil's Emulator   
TRS-80 Model 1, Model III, Model 4/4P & Color Computers.

  David Keil's Emulator - Review by Brian K. Hahn   
Just Plain Entertainment!

Drive Pak Product Page - Roger Taylor   
The TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer consoles are some of the longest living vintage personal computers with an active user base spread around the world since 1980. The time has come to consider ditching the desk full of ancient heavy drives that were once required to let a CoCo load software. A Drive Pak is a virtual disk drive system that can take the place of your real floppy and hard drives.

DriveWire 3/4 - Efficient Storage for the CoCo! - Mark Marlette   

LogiCall V7.0 Executive Level Synonym Execution Operating Ensemble   
LogiCall is an Executive Level Synonym Execution Operating System and integrated software ensemble that enhances the speed and operating ease of your Color Computer. LogiCall permits you to move from drive to drive, move into and out of your word processor, database, spreadsheet, terminal program and other programs using just a few logical keystrokes. LogiCall displays pictures and word processor files on the screen without using graphics or word processor programs. Likewise, LogiCall handles all disk management operations. File location for 400 programs is also provided.

Contact - Bob Swoger

Steve has many YouTube videos
The web link will take you to a page that has a number of more links.

RETRO Innovations   
Jim Brain makes hardware for vintage computers

Sub-Etha Software - Allen Huffman   
"In Support of the CoCo and OS-9 since 1990!"

Glenside CCC Supporters

E-TECH web design studio - Steve Bjork   
E-TECH wed design studio design and host websites for business and nonprofit organizations. We're glad to support Glenside in their efforts.

Sites of Interest

CoCo 1 & 2 Stuff - Bill Yakowenko   
New cool stuff
My own CoCo 1&2 stuff
Bulletin Boards and random pointers
CoCo Support Periodicals
Where to get BASIC ROM images

CoCo Friends Disk Magazine - Jim Davis   
About the CoCo & CFDM
View Issues
Browse Covers
View Guestbook
Sign Guestbook
Other Links

CoCo Quest - Mike Snyder   
Download CoCo Games

Dragon & Tandy CoCo Resources - Paul Burgin   
This page contains links to various resources related to the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 microcomputers.

Some areas accessed from this page are also relevant to the Tandy CoCo microcomputer.

FTP directory /coco/ at   

Use this link:

Life and Times of the Color Computer - Steve Bjork   
After many years, I finally started a website dedicated to a corner of the computer revolution that I was part of. The information found on this website will mostly cover the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer series with a little history of other computers and technology that impacted on the CoCo. (CoCo is the beloved nickname for the Color Computer.)

NitrOS9.LCURTISBOYLE.COM - L. Curtis Boyle   

Sock Master's Web Page - John Kowakski   
Donkey Kong, Gloom-3D demo, CoCo Demos page, CoCoTracker, HiColor viewer, 4mhz CoCo Project, GIME register reference, CoCo4 Ideas, Twilight Terminal, Digi-512, and RS232 Pak Upgrade

TANDY/Radio Shack Color Computer News & Updates   
News and Updates

The 2013 CoCo Coding Contest - Aaron Wolfe   
Software Writing Contest

The CoCo Nutz! e-Magazine - Mary Kramer   
Web Link: [link]
FTP Link:

The CoCo SuperSite! - Roger Taylor   
A Rainbow 30 Years Wide! Long Live The CoCo

ToolShed is a package of utilities to perform cross-development from Windows, Linux or Mac OS X computers to the Tandy Color Computer and Dragon microcomputers.
Tools are included to read/write both OS-9 RBF disk images and CoCo Disk BASIC disk images.

ToolShed - Download Files from Sourceforge   
OS-9 Commands:

DECB Commands:

TRS-80 Color Computer Archive   
[link] Operating Systems

TRS-80 Color Computer History - Wikipedia   
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TRS-80 EMULATION Page - Jeff Vavasour   
TRS-80 Model I
TRS-80 Model III
TRS-80 Model 4
TRS-80 CoCo 2
TRS-80 CoCo 3
Timex/Sinclair 1000

Virtual Color Computer (Vcc)   
A Tandy Color Computer 3 Emulator

YACCS (Yet Another Color Computer Site) - Diego Barizo   
Game link to downloading Furious Felines: [link]
After clicking the link, click on one of the pictures (on the page) and the download process will begin.

Yet Another CoCo & MC10 site - Rogelio Perea   


FPGA virtual Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3 (CoCo 3)    
The FPGA supports DriveWire.
DE1 Altera FPGA Development board.
[link] Yahoo Groups on CoCo 3 FPGA

Also see:
[link] CoCoFEST! 2010 Teaser
[link] CoCoFEST! 2010 - TRS-80 CoCo plays Star Wars video!
[link] CoCoFEST! 2010 - Roy Justus' creepy hexapod robot
[link] CoCoFest 2009 Teaser
[link] CoCoFest 2009 - Saturday
[link] Chicago CoCoFest 2008 Montage

John Linville's Retro Computer Game FAHRFALL   
John Linville talks about some of the How's and Why's behind his new retro computer game project for the 1980's Radio Shack Color Computer "FAHRFALL" (A winner of the Retro Computer Challenge Winter Warmup!)

LogiCall Operating System   
-==GATOR==- Software Development's Bob Swoger will demo the LogiCall V7.0 Disk Management System for the CoCo 3, DriveWire and Vcc released in 2012 at the Elgin CoCoFEST!.

With the introduction of 256 virtual drives to manage, LogiCall is a MUST!

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 6.0 2011 LogiCall . [link]

Sub-Etha Software Videos - Allen Hufman   
YouTube Videos on the 2013 CoCoFEST!

Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 5.0 2010 Glenside Booth    
This is a glance at the Glenside Color Computer Club Inc. booth as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Midwest Version 5.0 and Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention held on Sept. 18, 2010 in Lombard, IL

Computer Clubs

List of Chicago Classic Computer Clubs   
Tandy Color Computer, Pet, Commodore, Amiga, and, Atari

Computer Museums

Links to Computer Museums   
Look for the links on this page

Uncle Roger's Classic Computer Resources   
As I wander the web, I occasionally stumble across a web page related to classic computers... Okay, yes, I admit it, I actually go looking for them. And when I find them, I naturally bookmark them. Eventually, they end up here, on my list of classic computer resources.

Vintage Web Pages

Club BBS Homepage - Bob Swoger   
Check out the links on this page

Glenside Color Computer Club   
Classic style web page

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