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CoCoFEST! 2017 Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration
If you would like to become an Exhibitor at the 2017 CoCoFEST!, please download the Exhibitor Registration form at this [link] - fill it out and send Bob Swoger,

CoCoFEST! Vendors 2017

Listed below are our 2017 Exhibitors.

Glenside Color Computer Club   
Your show host for 24 years.
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Bargeman Research Labs - Karl Sefcik   
Karl is a charter member/exhibitor of the CoCoFEST! For some time now he drives to and from the fest in a electric hybrid car. Karl exhibits, "Something new, something unusual." Drop by his booth and say, "HELLO".

Maybe the wild card display of the fest, it started with the only purpose of keeping the fest going. I'll have travel (Alaska) and print media info, etc. And then ya never know (the wild card factor). See ya there! Karl

Boisy Pitre    
Boisy will be co-hosting the CoCo Trivia Contest Saturday evening.

Brendan Donahe   
My project is called CoCoVGA, which is a prototype 6847 VDG-to-VGA enhancement. It is compatible with the CoCo 1, MC-10, Dragon, and many CoCo2 systems. This is a joint project between Ed Snider, Steve Spiller, and me that has been in various stages of development since 2011. I take advantage of the digital signals shared between the VDG and the rest of the system in order to add features which would not be possible via sampling the analog outputs from the VDG.

Bruce Moore   

Cloud-9 - Mark Marlette   
Since 1994, Cloud-9 has been in the business of developing and marketing cool hardware and software products for users of the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 1, Color Computer 2 and Tandy Color Computer 3. The company is made up of a couple of guys who get a kick pushing the CoCo beyond what it was originally designed to do.

NEW product announcement: Espectro!

Evan Wright   Evan C. Wright's Homepage
Evan is a game programming instructor at the Technology Center of DuPage in Addison, IL. He is also the author of the new game, Flood It!, available on cartridge through the Retro Tinker team.

Frank Pittel   
Frank will demo his CoCoFPGA virtual Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 3 (CoCo 3)

Glenside MARK II IDE Interface - Brian Goers   
Updated version of the Glenside IDE Interface. The NEW manual and set-up disk requires no additional software to get your IDE Interface up and running right out of the box.

Just the manual and set-up disk are also available to owners of our original version for update to the MARK II are available for FREE!

Look for Brian at the Glenside booth.

Gordon - CoCoBOOT   
He will be showing off Alan Cox's Fuzix, running on a CoCo3 and CoCo2, and various other hackery.

Griff Art, Linda Podraza   
paintings, cards, possibly jewelry

CoCo Software and Hardware, CoCo X-10 Automation Hardware & Software, MM/1 Software and more...

Chris was also a partner in the development of LogiCall V7.0 for the CoCo.

Ben Anding is a newcomer to the CoCo community. J-Systems is a burgeoning software company that is testing the waters of basic and assembly programming for the Tandy Color Computer platform.

Jim O'Keefe   
Jim is the 5 1/4 disk collector. Last year he purchased one of the rare DEC dual TEAC drives cased in steel and wrinkle painted to match the CoCo2 and 3. The stepping rate matches the CoCo so that it never chatters as other drives do - completely QUIET! With the connectors provided on the back, you can chain two units together for CoCo's ability to support a 4-drive system.

John Mark Mobley   
John Mark and Melanie have put out the last 14 CoCo~123 newsletters. Please drop by his booth and let him know that you liked what you saw.

I am planning to set up a CoCo 3 running Sock Master's Donkey Kong Remixed. I welcome people to give it a try!

Donkey Kong Remixed:

John W. Linville   
John is a software developer and has been an active member of the CoCo community for many years. Along with being the author of CoCo
games like Fahrfall and Xmas Rush, John is also a blogger and a third of The CoCo Crew Podcast. John is a tireless promoter of CoCoFEST!, the Tandy Color Computer, and retro-computing in general.

John is the anchor of the Retro Tinker team.

Lost Wizard Enterprises   
William Astle will be showing off the LWTOOLS assembler/linker package and maybe other stuff.

LWTOOLS is a set of cross-development tools for the Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309 microprocessors. It supports assembling to raw binaries, CoCo LOADM binaries, and a proprietary object file format for later linking. It also supports macros and file inclusion among other things.

Mike Rowen   
This year Mike will have an array of new CoCo items!

Mike is also part of the Retro Tinker team.

Neil Blanchard - Neil's Computer Service:    
Neil will be offering for sale the SEGA Genesis Joypad adapter for CoCo3, an adapter for using Atari, SEGA SMS, and SEGA Genesis joysticks and joypads with your CoCo. (All CoCo machines are supported, but the extra buttons only work on the CoCo3.)

Neil is also part of the Retro Tinker team.

RETRO Innovations - Jim Brain   
Jim will be offering Coco peripherals such as CocoFLASH for sale and exhibiting current Coco projects.

Rich Bair   
Computer chess

Richard & Brenda Crislip   
I am a user with a CoCo 1 and three CoCo3s. The CoCo3s all have the 6309 processor and Cloud-9's Protector in them. I will be using Drivewire with my LapTop as a possible demonstration along the SDC Card recently developed and sold.

I'll have Color Baseball and Downland available if any of the attendees
want to try them out.

Steve Strowbridge -- ogStevieStrow   
Steve has created a brand new DVD for CoCoFEST! 26 which contains 13 brand
new CoCo game play videos not available anywhere else for over 2 hours of
CoCo gaming goodness. Steve will also be showing off the new I'm A CoCo
Nut merchandise available from his retro swag shop, and perhaps a surprise
or two.

StrongWare - John Strong   
I will be featuring my Coco 3 games and 3d printed cases for various Coco hardware projects.

Sub-Etha SoftWEAR   
In 1990, Sub-Etha Software was formed in Lufkin, Texas. You can read all about it, if you are curious. Since then, much has changed. Itís hard to believe that was almost 25 years ago!

Although Sub-Etha hasnít done much for years, for the past few months, I have been posting on my Apple site,, about my exploits with the Arduino platform. I havenít done this much recreational programming since my days using the Radio Shack Color Computer. This has made me decide to dust off my old software company, Sub-Etha Software, and set up this website. Although I have had the domain for many years, it was just a subsection of one of my personal sitesÖ until tonight.

The Music Man   
Schu provides not only all the audio for the fest but also gives a show of his newly acquired RC model aircraft simulator.

Wally Grossman    
Wally's place. A great place to meet visitors.

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