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Glenside CCC - About us

Keeping the Color Computer Alive!
Keeping CoCo's & CoCo goodies out of landfills. As Mark Marlette has often reminded us; "They don't make this stuff any more!" What keeps the CoCo Alive is the many folks that persist in keeping the CoCo the BEST of the 8-bit machines of the past. Radio Shack and Motorola forgot about competing to be the best and have been dieing since they abanded that goal.

We presently have 627 members of which 130 provided monitary support.

Glenside Officers & Volunteers

President :John Linville
Vice President :Tony Podraza
Secretary :Richard Bair
Treasurer :Brian Goers
Newsletter Editor :John Mark Mobley
Club Librarian :Brian Goers
CN Promoter :Neal Blanchard
Videographer :Steve Strowbridge
Website Hosting :Steve Bjork
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